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About Ghods Niroo

GNEC, founded in 1975, is one of the oldest continually operating consulting engineering firms in Iran.

Ghods Niroo Engineering Company (GNEC) is the largest and leading engineering project management organization in Iran with the expertise and flexibility to act as designer, architect/ engineer and Consultant in power sector. Staff resources number over 1000. The firm provides a full range of engineering, architecture, planning, and construction management services, power facilities.

After 30 years of work, GNEC proved to be the most successful and recognized company in the field of power generation, transmission and distribution.

We achieved this success because we believed in the integrity and the experience of our staff. We are trusted since we recognize the customer’s satisfaction as our prime objective.

The company has already supervised the completion of 23000 MW of power plants with another 5000 MW under supervision. The diversity is from hundreds to thousands of mega watts and covers steam plants, combined cycle and gas turbine.

In the same period, we designed, constructed and commissioned over a 270 substations, from 63 to 400 KV, and over 25,000 Km of high voltage transmission lines.

Our domain of activities has been enlarged by addition of a new division dealing with dam and other water projects in 1994.

We operate from a modern highly effective office complex in Tehran. Departments located here include, engineering, system, computing, project teams, quality assurance, construction, commissioning, finance, contracts, personnel and administrative support. These departments together with the strong backing of our competent project managers and clear leadership of our board of directors provide their services in four main areas; power generation, substations and switch-yards, transmission and distribution and water and environmental projects.

With such an in-house capability, we are able to handle every aspect of a project, from initial feasibility studies up to construction and commissioning. Our experienced construction managers and ngineers also operate at sites throughout Iran and abroad. Throughout its 30-year history, GNEC has successfully managed a comprehensive range of complex projects in the public and private sectors, and a myriad of project types ranging in size from a few thousand dollars to billion- dollar contracts.

Commitment to quality has made a recognized leader providing the knowledge and skill base that is GNEC of experience.