Chief Executive Officers


Saeed Mohazab Torabi

Managing Director


Saeed Mohazab Torabi
Technical Resume:
Full Name: Saeed Mohazzab Torabi
Date of Birth: 1960
Place of Birth: IRAN
Email :,
-35 years of industrial experience; including 30 years of execution management and 15 years of teaching experience at various universities
-Passionate and inspiring leader with excellent communication skills and a long track record of successfully management to lead cross functional teams
-Comprehensive knowledge of Systems and Management of Electrical Distribution ؛Operations Management, Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management, Industrial Entrepreneurship and Executive Development, Energy Economy, Power Grid, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Distributed Generation, Crisis Management, and Smart Grid Energy
-Demonstrated achievements in multi-discipline management, innovative strategies, team building, training and leadership and technical consultations
-Innovative research, publications and presentations in national and international conferences and journals
-Master of Applied Science in Industrial Engineering –Systems and Efficiency Specialization Amir Kabir University of Technology
-Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering - Power Systems Specialization Shahid Abbas Pour University
Over 35 years of industrial experience; with 30 years of experience as an executive manager
-CEO and chairman of the board at Hamedan Electrical Distribution Company
-CEO and chairman of the board at Yazd Regional Electric Company
-CEO and chairman of the board of Great Tehran Electrical Distribution Company
-CEO and chairman of the board of Iran Energy Efficiency Organization (IEEO-SABA)
-CEO of Niroo Consulting Engineers Company
-CEO of Ghodsniroo Engineer Company
-Director of regional Electrical Distribution of Torbat Jaam, Sbzevar, and regional electric affairs of Khorasan Province
-Deputy Economic Advisor to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance
-Member of board of directors and consultant of industrial and manufacturing companies
-Management and manufacturing consultant of various industries
-Energy Conservation consultant of electric power industry
-Chairman of the management board of Electric Demand Side Management
-Prominent member of IranianAssociation of Electrical and Electronics engineers
-Vice President of the Employers Association of Energy Service Companies
-Member of the management board of the Smart Grid Association, and Chairman of the Committee on Industrial Relations
-Vice President of the Employers' Association of distribution companies within 1388-1390
-Consultant and member of various industrial and manufacturing workgroups at Electrical Industry syndicate and committees
15 years of academic and teaching experience at various universities
-Instructor of Safety management courses at Islamic Azad University of Hamedan
-Instructor of Safety Engineering, Safety management, Electrical Safety I and II at Jahaad institute of higher education of Yazd University
-Supervisor of at least 15 students’ dissertations at higher university educational level at Jahaad Educational institution of Yazd University
-Internship supervisor of at least 50 students of safety department of colleges and universities
-Preparing educational lectures for university safety courses
-Instructor of management development, improving the procedures and human resource management at Payam Noor University and training center of Hamedan management and planning organization
-Instructor of courses in management and organization theories at Yazd University
-Instructor of courses in human resource management, principles of management, and Crisis Management at Jahaad Educational institution of Yazd University
-Member of industrial committee and part time faculty member of Educational institution of Yazd University
-Preparing educational lectures for management courses in various universities
-Instructor of courses in Electric generation and demand side management, energy efficiency economics, power consumption estimation, review of government’s economic and business plans, organizational behavior, human resource management, entrepreneurship, and General economics at institute of management studies in Tehran
-Instructor of courses in human resource management and principals of organizational behavior at university of economic sciences
-Teaching of subjects related to energy economics
-Holding workshops on entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, modernizing organizations, learning and transfer of expertise, human resource management, crisis management and leadership in crisis
-Best national director in 1380 and awarded the certification of appreciation from the president
-Best provincial director in different years in the provinces of Hamedan, Yazd and Tehran
-Member of electric reliability council
-Member of Iranian national committee of Energy
-Researcher, journalist and author of economic, industrial and managerial articles
-Organizer and speaker of training workshops in various institutions and industries
-Chairman of management board of Yazd branch of Iranian Association of Electrical and Electronics engineers from 1382 to 1386
-Vice president of management board of Tehran branch of Iranian Association of Electrical and Electronics engineers
-Active member of Association of Basij Engineers
-Member of the scientific committee of the distribution conferences, international power system conference and international energy conference
-Head of table tennis association of the province of Hamedan from 1376-1378
-Vice chairman of football association of the province of Hamedan from 1378 to 1380
-Head of chess association of the province of Yazd from 1383 to 1385
-Translated of book :entitled “Third way
-Writed of bookApplied :new design of power distribution networks
-Writed of bookApplied: Professional health and safety in high voltage line and substations
Responsible and cooperation in industrial research projects such as:
1- Study about important parameter in Distribution network losses
2- Placement of surge arrester in distribution networks
Innovative research and presentations of numerous publications at different national and international conferences. Some of the selected papers are given at following:
“Optimal Transformers Selection”
“The Importance of Tariffs onDemand Side Management”
“New Mechanisms of Management in Electricity Industry”
“The Utility Consumers and Electric Distribution Companies”
“A Look at The Private Sector Investment”
“The Third Development Planand Privatization ofThe Electricity Distribution Companies”
“The Foundation of Rural Electricity Distribution Company”
“The Statistical Explanation and Losses Test”
“The Necessity of a Comprehensive Plan in The Distribution Division”
“The Provincial Plan for Turning Unnecessary Lights Off”
“Planning of Distribution Sector in 2020”
“The Importance of Structural Reforms in The Distribution Sector”
“Necessity of Roadmap Preparation for Electricity Distribution Company”
“The Analysis of Energy Losses in Distribution Networks”
“Over Voltages in Distribution Networks”
“The Paradigm of Electricity Demand Side Management”
“Energy Demand Management in The Crisis Situation”
“A Proposed Model For Command and Crisis Management Model”
“A Proposed Model for Distribution of Low Consumption Lamps”
“The Review of The Role and Requirements of ESCO Activities”
“Energy Stock and Electricity Distribution Companies”
“Energy Economy In Agricultural Wells”

Chief Executive


Mansour Ghazvini

Senior Manager Of Power Plants Industrial Department


Accomplished Executive with Domestic and International experience in operation. Decisive leader with proven success in new market identification. High-stake Negotiations skills and tactical Market Planning. Lead operations and strategic directions with full responsibility for bottom-line factors, including long range planning & international projects management. Develop and introduce successful new services for new projects. Professional Experiences » Project Manager of IGAT5(Iranian Gas Trunk Line 5) » Senior Manager of Oil & Gas sector » Senior Manager Power Plant SBU » Engineering Manager of Industrial Power sector » Project Manager of Parresar and Tabriz Combined Cycle Power Plant & Khark Power Plant Turbo Expander Power Plant Chabahar Power plant » CEO of Hadim company( high pressure posts & related erections) Education Master of Science in Electrical Eng. in Tehran UNI.(1976) Bachelor of Science in Electrical Eng. in Tehran UNI.(1973) Special Courses Management course in Harvard Uni. Project Manager course Project control course Professional Associations Member of Iranian Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IAEEE) Member of Iran National Electrical Committee


Ahmad Fereidoun Dorafshan

Senior Manager Of Transmission Lines & Distribution Networks Department


Ahmad Fereidoon Dorafshan is Senior Manager of Transmission and Distribution department of Ghods Niroo Engineering Company (GNEC). He has received his MSc. In Electrical Engineering from Shiraz University at 1974 and have joined GNEC as a site manager at 1981, since then he has served in several positions as design engineer, project manager, group manager and deputy managing director. Beside his technical activities he also serves as the head of Training Committee and Integrated Management System (IMS) committee of GNEC. He is Member of the Board of Directors of Iranian Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IAEEE), and a distinguished member of this association. He is also Distinguished Member of CIGRE, Founder and Head of Transmission Lines Study Committee, Member of Insulators Study Committee, Member of the Iranian Association of Technical and Executing Managers (IATEM), and Member of Iran National Electrical Committee (INEC).


Mehrdad MohammadPour

Senior Manager of Water and Construction Department


Name / Personnel No.: Mehrdad Mohammadpour

Date of Birth: 1966

Nationality: Iranian

Area of Expertise: Executive Masters in Management

Years of experience: 27 years

Years with the firm: 1 year / GNEC

Position in the firm: Department of Water and buildings and environment

Membership of Professional Societies: Committee member of the National Water

Educations: M.S. in Executive Masters in Management

Languages: Good level Proficiency in English

Other courses: Training course of "Design and Execution of Impacted Systems" ,"ISO 9001","Evaluation of Performance of Irrigation Systems" ,"Micro Irrigation", Internet, Windows, GIS, "EFQM" concepts and "RADAR" logic, total system, ISO 14001, PMBOK (project management), EXCELL (advanced), Cropwat , Optiwat , Netwat ,CSDP

Sample of projects:

• Jegin diversion dam project and access road

• Irrigation and drainage project of Bushehr

• Irrigation and drainage network in the city of Jask(3500 hectares)

• projects of water from Bandar Abbas to Qeshm Island

• Executive manager of Bushehr Province (ardovi borazjan)

• Executive manager treasures (Museum), water Hormozgan

• Executive manager of Shamil Diversion Dam

• Shamil dam irrigation network

• Youchir dam project

• Executive manager branch separation of freshwater from salty in the river Kerman

• Administrative buildings and Shamil operation of dams Jagin

• Executive manager ozone gas injection to freshwater Bandar Abbas

• Drought Crisis Management in Bushehr and Hormozgan

• Bushehr Province Regional Water Company

• Assistant of Iran Water Resources Management Company

• Assistant of Development and Medical Affairs of Iran Water Resources Management Company

• Chairman and Managing Director of Hormozgan Regional Water

• Member of the board of Bushehr Province Water and Wastewater

• Technical Assistant Consulting Engineers HsebKaraji



Hussein Bakhtyari Zadeh

Senior Manager Of Transmission Substations Department


H. Bakhtiarizadeh is Manager of substation SBU, in Ghods-niroo co. which offers multi-discipline engineering designs and construction services from low voltage to extra high voltage substations in E, EP and EPC form. Mr. Bahktiarizadeh joined Ghods-niroo in 1980 which at that time the company was known as Monenco. Iran and Prior to his current position he held a number of Technical, executive and senior management in Ghods-niroo and he was also for eight years member of companies board. He has recieved his BS in electrical Engineering "Power" from Amir Kabir university "Polytechnic of Tehran" and is member of different internal and international tech. committees and has more than 20 papers up to now.


Hasan Najafi Semnani

Senior Manager Of Oil & Gas


Ali Akbar Nezamifar

senior manager of financial and human resources Department


Ali Akbar Nezamifar is senior manager of financial and human resources of Ghods Niroo Engineering Company.He has served as financial management in Ghods niroo since 2009.Mr.Nezamifar has served in a number of leadership positions and has more than 30 years of financial experience as a chief financial officer,financial and tax consultant.