About Us

About GNEC

General Introduction

As one of the most continually operating Iranian firms in the Middle-East, GNEC has played important role in engineering and EPC projects of water and energy fields for more than half a century.

Our history goes back to 1973, when “Montreal Engineers Company” (Monenco) established its branch in Iran to provide consultancy and engineering services in major infrastructural projects of Ministry of Energy.

After Islamic Revolution in 1979, Canadian managers and engineers of company left the country and as the first Iranian CEO of the company Dr. Mahmoud Tarokh was chosen under administration of MOE in 1980. Soon after, Iranian engineers grasped the know-how and took the role of conducting running projects and continued engineering activities under the name of Monenco under Iranian management which caused Canadian shareholders discontent and claims. This led MOE to register and replace “Ghods Niroo” brand in 1983 to continue the consultancy and engineering services of those major electricity generation and transmission projects.

Henceforward, after major changes in shareholders composition and management of the company, GNEC continued to carry out its duties on existing projects and successfully handed over all of them by drawing on the rich experiences of its Iranian proficient engineers.

We achieved this success since we believe in integrity and experience of our staff. This event is still, one of the most notable honors in GNEC history.

We are trusted since we realize the costumer's satisfaction as our primary goal

Our Experiences

We have already provided services for:

-Power generation: More than 60000 MV type of combined cycle, steam, and gas turbine power plants.

-Substation: 750 HV substations with 63 KV up to 400 KV

-Power transmission: More than 27000 Km power transmission lines with 63 up to 400 voltage levels and national distribution projects.

-Oil and gas: More than 3000 Km 56" gas transmission lines and gas pressure boost stations.

-Water: More than 250 projects in dam, water and wastewater, irrigation and drainage, environment.

-Energy: More than 80 projects in the field of renewable energies, wind and solar power plants, CHP and …

Our Services:

Different types of services, provided by GNEC, on the basis of completed and ongoing projects are:

- Surveys and studies

- Conceptual, basic, detailed design

- Tender documents and process preparation

- Design review and engineering control

- Site supervision

- Optimization of power generation and transmission facilities

- Project and management of contract (MC)

- Cooperation in EPC projects

- Presence in BOT,BOO projects

- Providing O&M services and O&M supervision

- Participation in financing projects