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Irrigation and Drainage Networks of Jofeir Lands

Design and site supervision for the project of planning and construction of on-Farm irrigation and drainage networks, equipping and modernization the fist and second irrigation districts of Jofeir lands was handed to Ghods Niroo in form of EPC in association with Jahad-e-Nasr-e-Hamzeh.
Study and implementation of irrigation and drainage networks for the purpose of transmission, distribution and application of water in the best way in order to remove the obstacles and limitations of water and soil resources development and reinforcement of domestic production as the backbone of resistive economy and also having introverted and exogenous economy against of austerity measures in adverse economic condition toward creating social and economic changes and job opportunities in the region, respectively. Irrigation and drainage network of Jofeir plains includes seven irrigation districts in area of 40000 hectares on the right side of Karoon River. On-Farm irrigation and drainage network in irrigation districts 1 and 2 in area of 3100 hectares is handed to Ghods Niroo in association with Jahad-e- Nasr-e- Hamzeh by the client of Jahad-e- Nasr in the form of EPC project. The engineering part of the EPC project includes: low pressure network design, surface and underground drainage network, equipment and modernization, land renovation, social facilitation studies, resolving conflicts, supervision and quality control of operations.