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The Joint of GNEC and ILF Co. at Introduction To TPPH

Introduction to TPPH by joint of GNEC and ILF held on Tuesday, 21.02.2017 with attendance of managing directors, senior managers, project managers and the experts. In this meeting, managing director of TPPH, Mr. Tarztalab, after greeting and congratulating for this success, urged to expedite the pace of contract award and start the work process by the joint of GNEC and ILF. He also said about the interest and eagerness of Korean and Turkish companies to invest in Iran's power plant industry and demanded for taking serious and resolute efforts at this big project. Mr. Mohazab Torabi, managing director of GNEC, after appreciating goodwill of TPPH as the employer of project, emphasized on presenting a successful work against the trust of employer. He pointed out “we were obsessed with choosing the best foreign joint and have been a lot of coordination to participate in tender and submission of our proposal”. He also appreciated team's collaborative effort. In the following, Mr. Krishnan, managing director of ILF, after expressing his satisfaction of winning this bid, appreciated GNEC efforts and asked for increasing the participation of ILF in Iran's power plant industry. He also emphasized on necessity of using all capacities of his company to do this project properly. In meeting continuing, companies have announced their abilities and capabilities. Also, they discussed about personnel that are dedicated to the project, the project managers and workflow through power point slideshows, and the questions were answered. At the end, a legal meeting held separately with attendance of team’s legal experts. Mr. Mohazab Torabi, Mr. Ghazvini, Mr. Ghasemi, Mr. Sahihi and Mr. Amini from GNEC attended the meeting.