Management of Contract


The Iran Gas Trunk line (IGAT) is a series of large diameter pipelines constructed from gas refineries in the south of Iran (Khuzestan and Bushehr provinces) in order to transfer natural gas to consumption centers across the country. GNEC is honored to have main role in completing most of these projects.


IGAT 5, 56 inches (1,420 mm) in diameter, transfers sour gas produced in phases 6, 7 and 8 along 500Km to Khūzestān Province to be injected into the oil wells. GNEC as a MC directed the project in different sections in 6 years.


IGAT 9 (Europe Gas Export Line), 56 inches (1,420 mm) in diameter, originates from Asalouyeh and passes by western provinces (Khūzestān, Īlām, Kurdistan and Azerbaijan) and reaches Turkey's border. As a high priority project, it has 15 stations alongside its 1800Km length. The role of GNEC in the project was MC .