Power Transmission

Electrical Distribution Networks

  • Electrical Distribution Expertise Group
  • Design of Low and Medium Voltage systems, for rural and urban areas, are the field of activities of this group. Design and preparation of grid maps, routing and sizing of distribution feeders, sizing and locating distribution substations, preparation of technical specifications are all part of activities of the group. Preparation of short, medium and long term master plans for distribution networks is another task which can be handled by this team. Reconfiguration of existing networks and loss reduction plans can be done in due project courses. Distribution networks inside industrial complexes like steel mills, refineries, petrochemical plants,... can be designed or modified by expert staff of this group.

  • Project Control Group
  • Main task of Project Control Group is to assure the project managers of proper time consumption in every individual activity of their project. For this sake from the very beginning of project all activities and their most likely time required are discussed and agreed between the project manager and this group. Upon commencement of project and in each agreed period of time a report of work progress will be prepared and handed over to the project beneficiaries. In this report along with the time, the resources used for each activity and required/remaining resources would be notified for the resource assignment in future. All standard project control softwares are available and may be used upon the requirements of project.

  • Projects Executive Groups
  • Managerial activities of projects are handled by a group of experienced project managers who are member of Project Executive Group. Project managers are assigned by the senior managers and after receiving project charter they are committed to proceed project activities upon PMBOK rules and regulations. Moreover, the quality of work is the other major responsibility of project managers and their projects are audited every six months for assessment of their quality standards