Water ,Wastewater& Construction

Water Resource

Water resources department consists of subdivisions such as meteorology, hydrology, water resources management, Hydrogeology and GIS which their services are as follows:

Meteorology division

The estimation of long-term meteorological parameters of basins such as: rain, Evaporation, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, temperature, and the studies of the probable maximum precipitation of basins (PMP).

Hydrology division

The estimation of hydrologic parameters of rivers, for dam designing projects and other projects, such as long term time series discharge, sedimentation, water quality, flood studies, and designing and organizing the stations of flow measurement and flood alerting systems.

Water resources management division

Full studies of integrated water resources management of rivers basins

Hydrogeology division

Our group focuses on solving challenging hydrogeology and groundwater problems.Groundwater services include:

  • groundwater supply investigation, development and management related aspects of environmental assessments
  • integration of groundwater studies into geotechnical analysis and slope design
  • aquifer storage and recovery
  • studies of ground water in alluvial aquifers and karstic reservoirs
  • analysis of the effects of predicted climate change on groundwater systems
GIS division

The preparation of different maps for subdivisions such as meteorology and hydrometry stations layout, isohyetal and etc.