Water ,Wastewater& Construction

Dam & HydroPower Plants

This department consists of expertise groups as civil and architecture, geotechnic, engineering geology, hydraulic & electrical and hydro mechanical equipment. Services of these groups are as follows:

    Civil and architectural

    • Design of structure and body of gravity dam, arch dam and related structures.
    • Structural design of dams hydraulic structures, such as Water diversion system (Diversion tunnel, coffer dams), water transmission system (penstocks, valves room, channels, … ), flood outlet system, bottom outlet system, pumping system, power plant and etc.
    • Structural design of tunnels in access roads, bridges, avalanche fences, snow fences and etc.
    • Structural design of steel and concrete buildings with residential (in camps) and industry application.
    • Quality studies of concrete materials, amendment and curing of concrete structures.
    • Offering of project execution procedures.
    • Top supervision on execution of current projects.

    • Analysis and design of dam body and foundation of ECE, ECR and CFR dams.
    • Analyzing and presenting of stabilization design for soil and rock slopes.
    • Design and offering of drilling and excavation methods for dam's foundation.
    • Study of borrow sources including field studies, providing of field and laboratory tests list, supervision on these processes, providing geotechnical reports and presenting design parameters.
    • Quality studies of concrete materials, amendment and curing of concrete structures.
    • Geotechnical design of tunnels, shafts and underground structures.
    • Study of geomechanics parameters of dam's foundation.
    • Seismic design of soil and rock structures.
    • Calculating bearing capacity of foundation of soil and concrete dams.
    • Design and offering of geotechnical parameters for foundation of structures
    • Offering procedures for field and laboratory studies of civil projects.
    • Design and monitoring of instrumentation for up and underground soil structures.
    • Providing technical reports and study of soil structures behavior.
    • Top supervision on executive operation of soil and rock structures.

    • Gathering current information and basic documents of a project including air photography, geological & topographical maps, and geological reports, studying and evaluating them.
    • Field studies including:

      • Providing general geology maps of project area and engineering geology studies of potential sites.
      • Study of underground water condition, recognizing positions of springs and water table based on boreholes.

    • Tectonic: defining overall structure of site, location of project structure area, faults, dip-direction of layers, etc.
    • Supervision on underground excavation, providing charts, tables and geotechnical section of underground excavation.
    • Geomechanical study and analyzing results of geotechnical studies.
    • Providing plan of geophysics studies.
    • Supervision on geophysics operation.
    • Data Processing of field studies.
    • Tectonic studies of neotectonics
    • Study of active faults of the site.
    • Study of historical earthquakes.
    • Study of happened earthquakes.
    • Study of seismotectonic.
    • Study of seismic and seismotectonic models.
    • Identifying risk and return period of earthquakes (deterministic and probabilistic methods).
    • Providing field and laboratory plan of rock mechanic tests.
    • Supervision on field studies
    • Analyzing the results of laboratory and field tests.
    • Providing and presenting geomechanical design parameters of rocks.

    Hydraulic specialized division

    Determining overall layout and dimension of related structures to various dam kinds, considering existing results, information and reports including:

    • Design of water diversion system and selecting its type and detailed design of selected option after economic and technical comparisons.
    • Design of spillways, considering the existing information about floods, topographic and geological conditions of the site, related width and finally optimizing dam height and spillway width and choosing selected option.
    • Design of agricultural outlet, human usage and power plant based on reservoir volume, river condition, reservoir discharge, downstream required water.


    Hydro mechanical and electrical equipment special section

    Following items are for designing mechanical and electrical equipment:

    • Gates and related equipments (such as system of lifting , dogging , sealing and etc.)
    • Valves and related equipment.
    • Associated equipment such as cranes, winches and etc.
    • Design and estimating the feeding of all AC and DC circuits associated equipment include: mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, controls, electro pumps, server motors and etc.
    • Control and instrumentation system design for all equipments of hydro mechanical and electrical dams.

    Design and supervision of electrical and hydro mechanical equipments of hydro power plants include:

    • Different types of water turbines such as Francis, pelton and etc.
    • Valves and associated equipments (such as cranes, etc.).
    • Penstocks
    • Gates and associated equipments (such as lifting systems) on inlet part of power plants.
    • Design Review for main characteristics of turbine, generator range and a discharge height of turbine, generator's output voltage, power factor and providing relevant technical specifications.
    • Arrangement of the hydro-power plant equipment.
    • Preparation of technical specifications for the main power transformer.
    • Design and determination of substation connection to power plant and also preparation of transmission line maps.
    • Design plant control & instrumentation systems and map preparation.
    • Design of communication and transmission system of power plants with local and regional dispatching.
    • Design and installation of power system's electrical equipment, such as AC and DC systems, cables, earth....
    • designing power plant's Linear schemes, electric auxiliary systems and providing related maps.