Water ,Wastewater& Construction

Water Transmission Lines

Worldwide demand for water is growing continuously. Particularly in the case of arid areas where water often has to be transported over large distances to satisfy local needs of the population and industry. Extremely large quantities of water which are pumped through such pipelines for hundreds of kilometers require highly sophisticated facilities. Ensuring the continuous reliability of water pipelines over several decades poses a special challenge which is to be addressed with every new project. Required long-term availability of these facilities is to be achieved simultaneously with optimizing investment and operating costs. For more than two decades, Ghods Niroo has been involved in the design and implementation of many outstanding internal water transmission projects. Step by step, in near future, we will transform our domestic market leader in the field of large-scale water transfer systems.


Ghods Niroo's scope of services in the water transmission field includes:

  • Water transmission pipelines
  • Pumping stations
  • Water reservoirs
  • Urban and rural water supply