Water ,Wastewater& Construction

Irrigation,Drainage & Agriculture

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This expertise group consists of irrigation drainage, agriculture, economic of agricultures, economical/social and hydraulic buildings divisions. Services of each division is as follows:


Designing gravity and pressure irrigation networks in downstream lands of dams and water utilities.


Designing ground, depth drainage network and supervising on soil study, lamination studies and defining coefficient Permeability

Studying agriculture, animal husbandry and agricultural economics to determine water requirement with optimal cropping patterns and economic performance.
Green space engineering services for industrial and non-industrial plants and land use studies.

Water and Wastewater Reuse

Water scarcity and pollution pose a critical challenge in many developing countries. In urban areas, it is becoming difficult for the authorities to manage water supply and wastewater. Strategies for water and wastewater reuse can improve urban water management.
This group utilizes a combination of practical and knowledgeable engineering to design the optimal reuse solution for these strategies. The important aspects to minimize public health risks are wastewater reuse in agriculture, groundwater recharge, industry, urban uses and environmental water..

Social & Economic Studies

Studying of Economic evaluation projects.
Studying evaluation, analysis and financing projects.
Studying social and popular participation in dam and irrigation network projects.

Hydraulics & Building

Studying artificial recharge, pumping stations, water supply and design of water and wastewater pipelines, water and sewage, river engineering and design of diversion dams.