Water ,Wastewater& Construction

Road and Building

This expertise group consists of 3 divisions as follows:

  1. architecture and urban development
  2. mechanical and electrical installations
  3. construction

‍With specialists and having high technical urban designing knowledge in related fields, this expertise group is prepared to do all projects of architecture and urban development as designing and performing big projects of settlement, towers, apartments, official, residential, commercial, multi-purpose complexes, educating buildings, cultural buildings as cultural centers, museums, fairs, curative centers, sport complexes and other buildings such as hotels, motels, dormitories, jails, airports, terminals, metro stations, industrial factories, designing historical axis of cities and renovation of historic buildings.


Due to the development programs regarding transportation network of Iran, modification and elimination of existing hazardous roads and huge investments of government in this section, development and modification of rural roads, designing access roads to current different projects, this department is ready to design and supervise road construction.