Water ,Wastewater& Construction

Water and waste water

This group has a team of technical experts and professional technicians. Its services involve all phases of studying and design of water and wastewater systems. This group has activated various projects such as water & wastewater treatment Plant, water & wastewater distribution networks, pumping stations for water and wastewater, transmission pipelines, collection and disposal of wastewater and surface water in rural and urban areas as well as industrial complexes.

This group includes some divisions as follows:

    1. Surface water & wastewater collection network
    2. Cost estimation of water distribution networks
    3. Water treatment, sewage treatment and desalination

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This is done in specialized engineering services include the following:

  • Design of water distribution systems
  • Design of wastewater collection systems
  • Design of wastewater treatment systems for industrial and municipal wastewater
  • Design of water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Collection of surface water
  • Design of water tanks
  • Design of Water Tanks
  • Reuse of wastewater