Water ,Wastewater& Construction

About Us

Hydraulic structures senior management has been setup on 1993 and has been active in 2009 with new structure under the name of water and building SBU management and aims to provide engineering services in different parts. As study, supervision and research phases of relevant projects in field of:

1- Dam
2- Hydro electric power plant
3- Pumpage station and water transmission
4- Irrigation and drainage networks and related structures
5- Water resources and water basic studies
6- Environmental studies
7- Water and waste water (sewage)
8- Water management studies
9- Building and road

Water and building department with excellent software and hardware infrastructures, experienced and motivated personnel, quality management system certification , attempts to adapt environmental management system certification ,safety management system and occupational health in integrated management system (IMS). This department is going to deploy excellence models and adapt productivity and quality national awards and has full preparation to present engineering consulting, design and managing of contract (MC) services and EPC contracts in projects of water and construction and related industry. Experiences and current projects of this SBU management are more than 100 projects in mentioned fields.