Power Generation




One of the activities of this department is project management which has mission to carry out engineering services of industries alongside of handling projects for the Ministry of Energy.

This department consists of two groups as follows:

  • Project Management Group:
    • This group has the responsibility of site activities such as supervision, coordination and leadership by the assistance of managers, engineers and other staff.

  • Expertise group:
    • This group is taking care of different engineering activities such as civil, electrical, mechanical, chemical, instrument ,control and also contract affairs.

Generally this directorate arranges the following design job:

  • Design and engineering for common control room for generation and distribution system.
  • Design and engineering for burner of steam boiler ignition control system in connection with burner management system.
  • Design and engineering for expander turbo generator.
  • Design and engineering for Bus-Duct

Following thermal power plant projects have been already synchronized with network and are under commercial operation

  • Mobilization of Paresar C.C.P.P. site
  • Gharb auxiliary boiler building
  • Inspection services for Almahdi manufacturer Complex
  • For testing of equipment Jajroom boiler (civil work)
  • Optimizing generation and distribution of power in Razi Complex
  • Optimization of Sarcheshmeh
  • Technical study for quinary combined cycle
  • Optimazation of burner management system for Loshan power plant
  • Auxiliary of boiler system for steam power plant
  • Design of water treatment pool for Bisotoon power plant
  • Design of factor for Generator manufacturing
  • Design of control system for power plant research projects (4×250 MW)
  • Design of water treatment pool for Bisotoon power plant
  • Neka and Ramin turo-expander
  • Completion of off-shore plant in Zargan P.P
  • Chabahar power plant
  • Electric supply for Khark iland
  • Fire extinguisher system of Zargan P.P
  • Living complex of Bakhtar R.E. Co.
  • Design of civil and BOP in Shahid Rajaee
  • Design of civil and BOP in Gharb project
  • Hamedan electrics civil work
  • Quality control of Masjed Soleyman hydraulic P.P
  • Preparation of standard design for the amount of water reservoir
  • Converting Tabriz P.P. boiler to gas fuel
  • Tabriz G.T.P.P. for Petrochemical
  • Semnan diesel unit complex
  • Engineering services to provide electricity for Khark and Dalan iland
  • Eng. and tech. services for upgrading of control sys. and I&C for 4 units G.T.P.P in Bandar I.KH. Petro.
  • Design study, retrofit and amendment of GEN. and distr. Sys for Razi petro
  • Cont. supervision and supporting for exaction of the power supply in Khark Iland
  • Eng. services for mobilization of Paresar private P.P. site (site and office)
  • Design and Eng. services for Bus-duct in Masjedsoleyman development project
  • Eng. Tech. consulting services for improvement of control and I&C for 4 units of G.T.P.P. in B. Imam petrochemical Complex
  • Eng. services for converting existing wet cooling tower of mofatteh P.P. into dry C.T or combination of BOTH
  • Eng. services for construction of reservoir storage for fuel Yazd C.C.P.P.
  • Jahrom P.P.
  • Kazeron P.P.
  • Sanandaj P.P.
  • Fars P.P.
  • Ali abad P.P.
  • Asaluyeh P.P.
  • Khoram Abad P.P.


Steam power plant department is almost the oldest department in this company. It started its activity in rendering engineering services for steam power plant projects in 1974. Today it's been expanded and includes combined cycle power plants too.


    Technical services may start with project planning and ends with final acceptance. Some of the key steps including feasibility studies, environmental studies, conceptual design, tendering and negotiation with contractor(s), preparation of contract documents, design and/or design review, project control, supervision over construction, trial run and performance tests.

Furthermore the department may act as project management entity (MC) on behalf of the client

Technical Support:

    This department is technically supported by an experienced team of experts in the field of civil, mechanical, electrical and I&C engineering.


Some of previous projects are:

  • Bandar Abbas steam power plant(4 x 320 MW units)
  • Isfahan (Islam Abad) steam power plant(2 x 320 MW units)
  • Ramin steam power plant(2 x 315 MW units)
  • Ramin steam power plant(4 x 320 MW units)
  • Bisotoun steam power plant(2 x 320 MW units)
  • Shahid Rajaee steam power plant(4 x 250 MW units)
  • Shahid Mofateh steam power plant(4 x 250 MW units)
  • Shazand steam power plant(4 x 325 MW units)
  • Sahand steam power plant(2 x 325 MW units)
  • Gilan combined cycle power plant (2 x140 MW GT + 1 x 150)(steam turbine)
  • Ghom combined cycle power plant (4 x110 MW GT + 2 x 110)(steam turbine)
  • Assalouyeh combined cycle power plant( 6 x 159 MW GT )(gas portion)

Current Projects:

GNEC is now providing technical services for a huge steam power plant project with a total
capacity of 5650 MW, the largest contract in our country ever.

  • The project comprising:
    • 4 gas and oil fired power plants, each with 2x325 MW units.
    • 1 coal fired power plant with 2x325 MW units. This power plant will be the first coal fired power plant in Iranian power network.
    • 2 gas and oil fired power plants with 2x600 MW units. These might be the largest units in the country.
  • Sirjan combined cycle power plant (2 x 166 MW GT + 160 MW) (steam turbine)
  • Assalouyeh combined cycle power plant (steam portion) (3 x 160 MW) (steam turbine)
Gas Turbine/Combined cycle Engineering Management


    This Department has been established in 1998 in order to render engineering services for gas turbine power plant projects. Later, on 2005, it was involved in certain combined cycle power plants with private sectors.

Expertise Groups:

The following expertise groups are involved in power plant projects:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Instrumentation/ control
  • Civil engineering
  • Planning and project control


We are ready to render engineering services for both public and private sectors that are listed below:

  • Feasibility studies for projects including techno-economic analysis, EIA reports, availability of water, fuel, seismic studies, load flow, short circuit and stability: connection to power network etc.
  • preparation of conceptual design
  • Preparation of tender documents and evaluation of bids.
  • Preparation of contract documents.
  • Review of documents/drawings prepared by contractors
  • Preparation of detail design drawings for Bop of plants.
  • Project planning and control.
  • Overall management of contract by exchanging (MC) contracts.
  • Supervision of construction including civil, erection commissioning, and operation.


The following Gas Turbine power plant projects have been already synchronized with network and are under commercial operation

  • Damavand(12 × 159 MW)
  • Sanandaj(4× 159 MW)
  • Kazerun(2× 159 MW)
  • Kerman(8× 159 MW)
  • Shirvan(6× 159 MW)
  • Kermanshah(4× 162 MW)
  • Zanjan (3)(4× 160 MW)
  • Ardabil(6× 160 MW)
  • Ardabil(4× 159+2×162 MW)
  • Urumiyeh(4× 159+2×162 MW)
  • Parand( 6×159)
  • Ghaen(2×159)
  • Chabahar
  • Jahrom( 6× 157.5 MW)
  • Kashan( 2× 162 MW)


  • Yazd Combined cycle(2×162 + 1×160)
  • Sirjan (2)(2×166 + 1×160)
  • Kashan 1×160 (steam)

*contract for engineering service has been awarded recently.