Power Transmission

High Voltage Transmission Lines

  • Power Transmission Line Expertise Group
  • This group has the job of basic and detailed electrical design of power transmission lines, including design of electrical clearances and insulation coordination, tower grounding system, shield wire design, optimum conductor selection and many more electrical design calculations. Tower spotting is one of the major tasks of this group. For this purpose the well developed PLS CAD software is used and by utilizing the other softwares for structure analysis, full capacity of structures are achieved. A complete design report is the outcome of this group which serves as the input for preparation of tender and contract documents in project teams.


  • Civil and structure Expertise Group
  • This group of expertise has the duty of calculation, analysis and design of transmission line structures and foundations. Preparation of reports for geotechnical and soil investigation is another task which paves the way for design works. Capability of this group is multiplied by utilizing the most advanced design and calculation methods through newest softwares. Design of cable trenches, multiple circuit service tunnels, special concrete structures, supporting and retarding walls are also done in this expertise group.

  • Project Control Group
  • Main task of Project Control Group is to assure the project managers of proper time consumption in every individual activity of their project. For this sake from the very beginning of project all activities and their most likely time required are discussed and agreed between the project manager and this group. Upon commencement of project and in each agreed period of time a report of work progress will be prepared and handed over to the project beneficiaries. In this report along with the time, the resources used for each activity and required/remaining resources would be notified for the resource assignment in future. All standard project control softwares are available and may be used upon the requirements of project.

  • Surveying Expertise Group
  • Equipped with most advanced digital surveying systems, this group of experts can perform all surveying activities needed for Transmission lines and Substation projects. Moreover, this team of experts is able to handle different ground surveying, geodetic surveying, GIS systems, industrial and civil surveying, satellite surveying and remote sensing.