Power Generation

About Us


Ghods Niroo Engineering Company provides a complete range of technical and economic services to power industry. Power Generation department with effective combination of corporate consultancy delivers technical plans and provides engineering consultancy services for demanding and complex infrastructure projects.
Thermal power plant engineering is our traditional core business, so our clients can place full confidence in our experience in all classical planning tasks, from concept development to construction management and plant commissioning.
Our in-depth familiarity with all influencing factors, procedures and planning phases also prepares a sound basis for optimization of operation and assessment of existing plants.
Power generation department plans and optimizes every type of fossil-fuel-fired power plants and handles all contract sections, from civil and process engineering through mechanical engineering to electrical and I&C engineering for:

  • Steam power plants
  • Gas turbine and combined cycle power plants
  • Related projects

This department performs planning, economic & feasibility studies and conceptual design in the first phase of a new project. These services are followed by specifying parameters of the plant, preparing technical specifications and tender documents to select a contractor. When the project is started, the department monitors and reviews the design made by the contractor, as well as rendering the complete design of plant ancillaries. Alongside of all, other activities including site supervision over civil works, mechanical, electrical and I&C activities, startup and commissioning up to provisional and final acceptance are in the scope of the department.
In addition to all, project management systems based on detailed planning, resource scheduling, and budgeting, forward performance analysis, systematic processing of status reports and design experience, can optimize the excellence balance of engineering input with exact cost control and early project completion dates.
Updating and processing of the overall program is fully computerized. This has been essentially coupled with timely and experienced human intervention at key points to optimize overall progress and has resulted on-time completion of the project and in accordance with mostly original budget.
Power generation department in GNEC has been undertaking engineering services in the most thermal power plant projects in Iran that is over than 43000 MW. These plants comprising steam turbine, gas turbine, and combined cycle with the unit range in size from 5 MW to 320 MW.
Furthermore another 11000 MW are under supervision and also over than 3000 MW under feasibility study.
It's remarkable that engineering services for the first gas turbine power plant complex (30 units with a total capacity of 5000 MW), as well as a combined cycle power plant in Iran, have been rendered by our company.